Our Products

Multi Surface Cleaner 5L

A viscous cleaner designed to clean, freshen & enhance hard surfaces. Suitable for marble, terrazzo, laminated floors & furniture, metallised polish, ceramic tiles, aluminium, stainless steel & other washable surfaces.

Wet Look Floor Polish 5L

A metallised polish for extreme strength and durability. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance. Must be applied to a clean grease free floor. Apply a thin even film of polish using a clean lint free mop or applicator. Apply a second coat when the first is dry (approximately 30 mins). May be buffed as required to enhance gloss. COVERAGE: 60 square metres per litre.

Furniture Polish

Cleans furniture & fittings leaving a shine & lasting fragrance.

Spray onto surface or cloth and wipe clean. Shake well before use.

NB. Do not use on floors.

Floor Maintainer 5L

Highly efficient cleaner. Easily burnished to a high gloss. Prolongs the life of floor finishes. A polish maintainer for linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. General use: Dilute Fast Lane 1 part to 40 parts of clean water. Super Gloss Enhancing: Dilute Fast Lane 1 part to 8 parts of clean water. Mop floor with the solution. Allow to dry. Burnish to a high gloss with a machine and appropriate nylon pad.

Glass Cleaner

Window, Mirror, VDU Cleaner, Ceramic Tiles, chrome, porcelain, showcase & exhibition stands. Apply sparingly onto surface or lint free cloth, wipe clean.

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler

For cleaning & descaling washroom facilities, toilets and urinals manufactured in chrome, stainless steel, ceramic & vitreous china. Apply under the rim of toilet bowl, allow time to penetrate before flushing away. Kills germs.

Spray & Wipe

A ready to use cleaner & disinfectant for daily use with a floral fragrance. Kills 99.999% of germs including MRSA. Spray onto surface or cloth and wipe surface clean.